COVID-19: Resources and News for Older Adults

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(August 28, 2020) Latest Updates on Coronavirus

(August 28, 2020) Is Hearing Loss Another Unusual Symptom of COVID-19?

(June 30, 3030) National Survey of Older Voters During COVID-19

(May 6, 2020) 'Age-Friendly' responses to COVID-19

(May 1, 2020) Higher COVID-19 Incidence in Minority Communities

(April 1, 2020) How Chronic Conditions Complicate Coronavirus Infections

(March 17, 2020) Dealing with Forced Isolation as a Caregiver

(March 17, 2020) Questions to Ask if A Loved One is in a Quarantined Facility

(March 14, 2020) Why Coronavirus Affects Older Adults More 

Gerontological Society of America 

Gerontological Society of America: COVID-19 Updates 

Tips from the Gerontological Society of America's National Adult Vaccination Program: Social Distancing

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults